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  • Lexington’s Interfaith Garden Welcomes Volunteers (4/5/2017) -   It’s spring at Lexington’s Interfaith Garden where volunteers from all over town join together to grow organic produce for Lexington’s Food Pantry. The Garden has produced over 5 tons of three dozen different organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers since its beginning in 2010. Each season over 500 volunteer spots need to be filled. We ... [Read more...]
  • Patriot’s Day Pancakes Support Refugees (4/5/2017) - By Ashley Rooney Like many communities of faith in Lexington, the Church of Our Redeemer (6 Meriam St.)  has a longstanding history working with refugees in this county. They were involved in the Hungarian crisis in the ’50s and the Cambodians in the ’80s. This year they have decided to use the profits from the ... [Read more...]
  • Redeemer Members Serve as Science Fair Judges (4/5/2017) - By Maria Ong For the fifth consecutive year, members of the Church of Our Redeemer were involved in the Esperanza Academy’s Science Fair, held on March 21. Esperanza Academy is an independent, tuition-free, all-girls middle school in the Episcopal tradition in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Supporting the school and its girls — through donations and community service ... [Read more...]
  • Cara K.: Self-Professed “Church Nerd” (4/5/2017) - By Maria Ong Cara is a native of Lexington, a graduate of Lexington High School, and a decade-long member of the Church of Our Redeemer. Tell me about yourself. I live with my husband and two daughters (with another child on the way) and three cats. We’ve been going to Redeemer for eleven years this ... [Read more...]
  • Redeemer Women Attend Contemplative Prayer Retreat (4/5/2017) - During Lent a group of 11 Redeemer women attended a Contemplative Prayer retreat at Bethany House of Prayer. The retreat was led by Rev. Kate Ekrem and Mary Ann Burnside. Among those who attended were Bonnie, Sarah, Calie, Evelyn, Mary, Paula, Kristina, Donna, Bethany and Kathleen. Contemplative Prayer is a receptive method of silent prayer ... [Read more...]
  • Lenten Quiet Retreat: An Introduction to Contemplative Retreat (3/6/2017) - This year Redeemer will try a new way to reconnect with God during Lent: a quiet retreat. On Friday evening, March 17 through Saturday afternoon, March 18, Mary Ann Burnside and Rev. Kate Ekrem will be co-leading an overnight retreat at Bethany House of Prayer in Arlington. Fourteen members from the Redeemer community have signed ... [Read more...]
  • Esperanza Science Fair on Tuesday, March 21st (3/6/2017) - Esperanza Academy’s annual Science Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 21st from 3-5 pm. We invite you to be a guest judge at this year’s event or to attend the Science Fair to view the students’ projects and talk to them about their work. The girls are very excited about the upcoming program, and ... [Read more...]
  • Pictures from Shrove Tuesday (3/5/2017) -
  • This Lent, Take What You Need (3/5/2017) - By Kristina DeFrancesco During Lent, Church of Our Redeemer has an offering for you: Take What You Need cards. On one side, these mini cards have a Scripture quote; the other side has one of 19 words, ranging from compassion to healing to understanding. There is a basket of cards on each table with bulletins, ... [Read more...]
  • Lenten Adult Forum Series: Finding God Within (3/5/2017) - Who is God to you? Who are you to God? Who is God to your neighbor? These are eternal questions that have been asked by all those who have sought and seek God in our lives. The writers of Scripture were exploring these questions. Theologians then and now continue this exploration. These basically human questions ... [Read more...]