2016 Retreat Registration

Redeemer’s All-Parish Weekend 2016

Friday November 11 – November 13

Barbara C. Harris Camp & Conference Center

REPLY by September 28 (or sooner!) so we can provide a minimum count to the Camp by the end of month.  You can either make full payment or a non-refundable deposit of $50.  Full payment is due no later than October 16 and there are no refunds available after that date since we must commit to the final count for lodging three weeks in advance with no refunds from the camp. 

Overnight fees are for 2 nights (no reduction for 1 night only) and 5 meals (Sat. and Sun. breakfast and lunch, and Sat. dinner).  Please indicate your preference for a regular cabin, adult/4-person cabin, or lodge room.  If you wish, also indicate with whom you want to share a room or cabin (person or family).

The camp is completely full on Veteran’s Day weekend.  We have only three adult cabins this year compared to six last year.  You will be notified if your 1st choice is not available.

NOTE – all rates below are PER PERSON (e.g. a couple sharing a lodge room is $400).  There is a $250 cap for families staying in a regular cabin.

Adults/Teens Children

(ages 3–12)


(ages 0-2)

Cabin 5 or 6 sets of bunk beds & two bathrooms

BYO Bed Linens & Towels

$125* $60* Free
Adult Cabin 4 twin beds & two bathrooms (shared), linens & towels provided $150** $80** Free
Lodge Room (shared) Hotel-style room w/ private bath

(2 double beds, or 1 double & 1 single)

$200 $90 Free
Lodge Room (single) Hotel-style room w/ private bath

(2 double beds, or 1 double & 1 single)

$275 N/A N/A
Day Visit only (1)  Sat activities and lunch







* $250 Family cap (regular cabins only)

** If there are only two people in an adult cabin, the rates are the same as for a lodge room; however, the retreat leaders are likely to assign at least three people to each adult cabin.

Will share a room / cabin with _____________________________________________________


Total # in Party ______ Adults/Teens: ______ Children (3-12): _____ Children (0-2): _____
     Age of children ____/____/____/____ ____/____/____/____ ____/____/____/____

Names in Party:

Primary Contact:
Phone & e-mail
Special Needs
Food Allergies

 Will you stay for Sunday lunch? Yes __ No___    (This is to avoid wasting food – no change in room rate)


For office use only:  Date received:  ___________

Name: __________________________________________________________________ 

Payment Calculator:

Lodging Type Number

of persons

Multiply by Rate Amount
Regular Cabin – Adult/teen   $125 $
Regular Cabin – Child (age 3-12)   $ 60 $
Or, Regular Cabin – Family Cap, if less   $250 $
Adult (4-person) Cabin – Adult/teen   $150 $
Adult (4-person) Cabin – Child (age 3-12)   $ 80 $
Lodge Room – Adult/teen double occupancy   $200 $
Lodge Room – Child (age 3-12) double occupancy   $ 90 $
Lodge Room – Adult single room   $255 $____________            

Subtotal Registration Fees



Add: Additional Donation*     $____________
Less:  Financial Assistance Requested**     ($___________)
TOTAL PAYMENT     $_____________
Payment enclosed (minimum $50)***     $_____________
Remaining Amount Due by October 16 (if any)     $_____________


* We rely on donations to cover all our costs.  Your additional contribution will support staff costs, the subsidized family cap, scholarships and other costs.  Please give generously if you can.  Thank you.


** We want everyone to be able to attend, so confidential financial assistance is available.  All registration forms will be processed by the church office.  If you need assistance for a portion or all of the registration fees please indicate the amount you need above.


*** If full payment is made with submission of the form, all but $50 is refundable if notice of withdrawal is made by October 16. 


Mail registration & payment to:

Church of Our Redeemer

Fall Weekend

6 Meriam St.

Lexington, MA 02420

Please indicate “Fall Weekend” on the envelope in the memo section of your check(s).


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