Vestry Authorizes Realizing Our Vision Campaign

Update on the Realizing Our Vision Campaign

March 29, 2014

Vestry Authorizes Capital Campaign to Renew the Great Hall

Access and Kitchen Upgrades Also Planned

At its Special Meeting on March 16, the Vestry unanimously authorized a capital campaign to:

  • · Upgrade the Great Hall to a 21st century community space for mission and outreach, Christian formation, fellowship and other uses to serve the Redeemer community, the wider Lexington community and surrounding towns.
  • · Improve the accessibility of our Great Hall and the entire church facility
  • · Upgrade the lower floor bathrooms and landing area and make them fully accessible
  • · Update the kitchen
  • · Fulfill Redeemer’s tithe to the Diocese of Massachusetts “Together Now” campaign
  • · Support other major facility purposes as determined by the Vestry.

The campaign has a goal of $800,000 to be raised from members of our church community.  In addition, we will be seeking outside grants and funding from organizations who may be interested in supporting our renovations and enhancing out outreach efforts that serve the Lexington community.  Vestry will also be looking at how we might use some portion of the bequest from Barbara Handley, earmarked to support the Handley Library, to modernize the library and to move its location into the renovated Great Hall.

In addition, Vestry authorized the engagement of the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) to serve as consultant for the capital campaign.  ECF conducted the Feasibility Study that has helped Vestry shape the size and scope of the campaign.  ECF’s deep experience in assisting churches like ours conduct capital campaigns will help Redeemer volunteers organize and carry out the campaign.

Following the Special Meeting, George Murnaghan, Redeemer’s Senior Warden, said, “This is a momentous time in the life of our church.  We have the opportunity in renovating our Great Hall to strengthen our mission activities, extend our welcome to more people and enhance many aspects of our life together.  And it is a chance for us to honor those who built this church for us by renewing this facility for those who will follow us.”

In faith,

The Realizing Our Vision Team


March 5, 2014

              As Vestry continues to digest the information in the Feasibility Study and to reflect on the comments raised both in the report and in meetings, conversations and our Adult Forum last Sunday, we sense a growing excitement and anticipation about what will happen next.  Vestry is engaged in a process to pray, listen and discern before it makes its decision about how we as a church will go forward, of how the Holy Spirit is inviting us to respond.

At our meeting after the Shrove Tuesday dinner, Vestry decided that we would like more opportunity for us all to be in dialogue with one another as we find ourselves on the threshold of this momentous decision in the life of the Church of Our Redeemer.  To that purpose, we are scheduling a Parish Meeting for Thursday March 13 at 7:30pm in the Great Hall to continue the discussions that have occurred over the past week and to provide another opportunity for questions to be asked and joys and concerns to be expressed.  The meeting is open to all in our parish community; we hope especially that those who were unable to attend the March 2 meeting will be able to join us next Thursday.

In addition, several documents will be posted on the church website at www.our– (paper copies are also available; please contact the parish office at 781-862-6408 or  These are:

  •  The complete Feasibility Study report prepared by the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) which was summarized by Leslie Pendleton from ECF at the Adult Forum this past Sunday is available to download here: Redeemer, Lexington FS Report 2014
  • The ECF slide presentation from the Adult Forum presentation of the Feasibility Study report can be downloaded here: Redeemer Lexington feasibility study PPT presentation or see below for video of the Adult Forum.
  •  A question-and-answer document prepared by the Realizing Our Vision Team drawing from the questions and comments from those who responded to the Feasibility Study survey can be downloaded here: Questions_and_Answers on the Great Hall renovation

Vestry plans to hold a special meeting on Sunday March 16 at 12:00pm to vote on a motion authorizing the capital campaign to renew our Great Hall space and to provide improved access for all to participate.  We hope that the coming days can be a time of prayerful consideration and open dialogue, and we encourage everyone to be engaged with each other and as a community so that Vestry can move forward in the best possible way for our church.  Please feel free to reach out to our Realizing Our Vision Team (Bob King, Christopher Huggins, Chris Needham, Evelyn Hausslein, Nancy Grayson and George Murnaghan) and to our Vestry members with any questions, comments, concerns and joys you have.

In faith,
George Murnaghan
Senior Warden

Video of Feasibility Report Forum with consultant Leslie Pendleton of the Episcopal Church Foundation. (Apologies that the full hour is not shown. There were technical difficulties with the recording media for the last portion of the meeting.)