Daily Office: Monday morning Q&A

What a great group we had for the Daily Office Challenge mini-retreat! Here are some answers to questions about the Daily Office Challenge that people had at the retreat and on Sunday morning at coffee hour:

I’m using the dailyoffice.org web site. Why does it say Daily Office West or East?
This is because the dailyoffice.org web site is for a world-wide audience. Daily Office West is for the western hemisphere, Daily Office East is for the eastern hemisphere. The only difference is the timing of the posts (they are posted in the morning for Morning Prayer and in the evening for Evening Prayer, so you can see how that would be confusing on the other side of the globe). Here in the U.S., stick with Daily Office West. If you move to Australia or China, you can switch to Daily Office East.

Are we all reading the same scripture? I’m using Pray as You Go and am a bit confused about that.
Well, all of the Episcopal resources use the same scripture since they all follow the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office Lectionary. So if you are using dailyoffice.org, or Forward Day by Day, or the Mission St. Clare app, or are hard-core and using the BCP and a Bible, all of us are reading the same scripture. But Pray As you Go is produced by a Jesuit group, so uses the Roman Catholic lectionary. The scripture passages will be slightly different, but still seasonally appropriate for Lent. It doesn’t really matter, it’s still praying with scripture so go for it!
You said to pray for 20 minutes once a day, but the resource I’m using provides prayers for twice a day. Which is it?
Traditionally the Daily Office is said twice (or more) a day: typically Morning and Evening Prayer. However, for the purposes of our parish Daily Office Challenge,  I’m just suggesting once a day. Start small and build from there!

Can I get the handouts from the retreat?
Sure thing. I will post them on this site this week, so stay tuned.

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