A prayer for the Realizing Our Vision Campaign

Thank you to Mary Ucci for this beautiful prayer inspired by this quote from Desmond Tutu about reconciliation and the end of Apartheid:

“You wanted to take your shoes off for you knew you were standing on holy ground.”

Let us pray:

Creator God, who has given us magnificent spaces prepared over thousands of years in which to take joy and to do the work of your Kingdom. Be with us now as we stand on the literal threshold of change in our Great Hall. You know the hopes within each of our hearts, as we step into the next creation, not only of this space, but of each of our souls in this congregation and in those we serve. Let us take new joy in every unfolding of our dream, and in the future let us take our shoes off humbly, proudly and with eagerness to walk, jump and dance together with you in this holy space.


Please keep the Realizing Our Vision campaign in your prayers as we embark together on this journey!

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