Great Hall In Action On Patriots’ Day

Take a look at the Great Hall in action on Patriots’ Day!  It is amazing that the Three Amigos and the Volunteers were able to prepare so many pancakes and create such a welcoming environment in our 1956-era kitchen/ Great Hall.  As you look at these photos you can see how important the Great Hall and Kitchen are to helping everyone in Redeemer fulfill our values of Welcoming, Mission & Outreach and Community.  Our team did an amazing job this Patriots Day living those values and imagine how we will be able to do even more with a renovated Great Hall and Kitchen that can provide a beautiful space and an easier to use Kitchen.   Congrats to the Three Amigos and all the volunteers for their support of the Food Pantry.  I saw that the Lexington Minuteman gave the Redeemer pancakes and sausages their highest rating, a “5”.  Through your support of the Realizing Our Vision campaign in future years the Great Hall will get a “5” as well for helping us welcome the surrounding community to Redeemer and supporting our mission activities.  Thank you again to everyone who helped on Patriots’ Day!