Welcome to our new Realizing Our Vision blog


We are delighted to welcome you to the Realizing Our Vision blog. Visit often to stay up-to-date on the progress of the campaign, as well as the planning and execution of the renovations to the Great Hall, the kitchen and the elevator. Together we will be creating Room for the Spirit, Room for All.

This Easter we are announcing how we are recommitting to our values of Welcome, Mission and Community through the campaign. As a congregation we are vibrant, welcoming, intergenerational and engaged in mission in Lexington, Boston, our surrounding communities and across the world. Now we are embracing the opportunity to bring the same vitality and sense of welcome to our building. By raising our Great Hall and the kitchen up to 21st century standards we will have a place that:

  • Welcomes everyone in
  • Provides space for Mission and outreach to our community
  • Supports our community’s fellowship and Christian formation values
  • Is accessible to all

By recommitting our community to mission and outreach, Christian formation and fellowship to serve the congregation and the wider community, the Church of Our Redeemer will continue to be a place that welcomes everyone in, a place for the Holy Spirit to be felt and heard.

Some key components of the project include:

Renewing the Great Hall, Entry and Kitchen:

Our 1956-era Great Hall and Entry Hall need functional and aesthetic renovation to transform it into a welcoming space for use in fellowship, mission, Christian formation and community activities. The renovation will also include the expansion of storage for the needs of the parish and the Food Pantry. Flexibility to meet our many meeting and fellowship needs will be created by adding movable partitions. By integrating new technology and relocating the Handley Library to the Great Hall, we can integrate knowledge and information from any source into the activities that take place there. Renovating the kitchen will enhance its use by the parish and provide a resource for community use and rentals.

Providing Access to All:

We will improve building access for those with physical challenges by replacing the current elevator with a properly sized, modern unit. We will provide dignified access between the Great Hall and the Entry Hall and will make the lower level bathrooms fully accessible.

Supporting the Diocese’s “Together Now” Campaign:

To support the Diocese’s “Together Now” campaign, we will be contributing 10% of the proceeds of our campaign to help fund outreach activities, “Green Grants”, mission collaborations among parishes and the Barbara C. Harris Camp.

All these projects together will create Room for the Spirit, Room for All. We will use this blog to update you on the development of these projects and more. If you have any questions, please reach out to George Murnaghan (gmurnaghan@verizon.net) or Kathleen Mirani (kmirani@yahoo.com).

Happy Easter!







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