The Kitchen In Action: Youth Group Dinner

On Youth Sunday our three high school seniors spoke eloquently about the importance of the Youth Group to their connection to Redeemer. They spoke of laughter and friendship while cooking, talking and sharing a meal together on Sunday nights. Kate has written about how important it is for our congregation to pass on our values of community and mission to our youth. The Youth Group helps pass on that legacy on Sunday nights in the kitchen and the Great Hall. For many of our teens the Youth Group is their primary link to Redeemer.

Here are some pictures of our teens preparing dinner on a Sunday night with the help of their leaders Steve, Cathy, Donna and Jim. Our investment in the kitchen and the Great Hall recognizes our desire to provide for the youth, who represent the future of our community. As we embark upon the Realizing our Vision campaign we are making the improvements that will ensure that Redeemer can continue to provide our teens with a place to gather and a place for the Holy spirit to be felt and heard.


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