Food Pantry Hits Jackpot!


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Every Spring the Lexington Post Office organizes a town wide collection for the Food Pantry. Normally residents receive a postcard announcing the food drive. This year they distributed red plastic bags.   Bingo!

Apparently, these bags were just what was needed to motivate homeowners to collect and drop off food to the  P.O. collection center. On Saturday, May 10th, Post Office personnel delivered two and half times what they  collected last year. By 5 PM food filled boxes lined the right side of the Great Hall, up along the hallway past the meeting room and out the door to the ramp.

Our own Carolyn Wortman, coordinator of the Food Pantry, was  pulling her hair out! (see photo, below). She commandeered two strong boy scouts to bring everything into the Great Hall, and stood there
amazed at the unprecedented quantity.

Over the next week some members of the Food Pantry volunteer staff came in to sort and box the food. Step one was to be sure the can goods were not out of date (a surprising amount was). Step two was to sort by type of food. The last step involved boxing up the food by category to be used in the coming weeks (and months).

Carolyn still needed volunteers to sort the following Saturday. With Bob King’s organizational outreach, volunteers from Redeemer came to the rescue on Saturday the 17th.

Thanks to Bob’s email plea, David Ekrem, Peter Ekrem, Tom Ekrem, Lucy Ekrem, Charlie Coons, Evelyn Hausslein, Connie Parrish, Bill Vogel, Christopher Huggins, Tony Johnson, Ginny Neuman, Steve and Cathy Burns, Bonnie Ramage, and Randy Bowlby all volunteered to finish the sorting and boxing.

Also volunteering were Regina and Andy Rockefeller, Ashley Rooney and her two grandchildren , Peter and Chrissy Benson, along with Mary Etta King.

Everything was completed by early afternoon. You will notice the boxes lining the walls of the Great Hall behind the movable partitions and in the stairway leading to the back of the church.


Feature by Christopher Huggins


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