Au Revoir!

Until we meet again! Today I’m tidying up my office and getting ready to depart.

One thing mostIMG_20140814_105344459_HDR of you know about me is that I tend to offer a cup of tea to anyone who visits my office. (If you want coffee, you have to ask Andrew – I don’t even know how to make it!) I won’t be here for the next three months, but the tea will be, so feel free to stop by and make yourself a cup. I hope the office continues to be a place of hospitality, fruitful work, and prayer while I’m away.

Once again, thank you for the gift of this time. I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend a good deal of time in prayer, study, travel, and with my family, in order to be still and be closer to God. Praying for peace and blessings for all of you.




Whether it is part of a class discussion, debate, review, or some other activity, this app will prove useful once it is incorporated into the classroom routine