Back from our travels

Dear friends,

We just arrived home from a week of travel. My mom called it our “Nostalgia Tour Road Trip” as our goal was to show the kids all the places we have lived on the East Coast. This turns out to be mostly my family story, since Dave is from the Seattle area.  However, since Dave lived in the same house his entire childhood, and his mom still lives in that house, the kids have gotten to see his childhood home many times.

I didn’t anticipate this trip being quite the spiritual journey it was. We ended up visiting every church where I’ve been a member.  It was inspiring and wonderful to be in all the places I’ve been part of a faith community, and to remember what I learned in each place. It was also interesting to see the kids’ reaction to different kinds of church architecture. For example, all the churches we visited had a small side chapel, which they’d never seen before. The kids were bemused — “what’s this place  for?” they kept asking.

Over the next few posts I’ll share photos and experiences from our trip. Sadly, we had a camera phone backup mishap so lost about half the photos, but have enough to give you some sights of our journey.

I hope you also have had some family adventures this summer!



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