Back Home

Dear friends,

Connie and I made it back to Lexington late Thursday night. It was wonderful to see my family again. We had a smooth trip home, although I’ll be glad not to go through airport security anytime in the near future. I can certainly understand why airport security into or out of Israel is very tight, but it was made a bit more complicated by the fact that Ekrem is apparently a common name in Turkey, a Muslim country. I had to explain many, many times that my husband’s family is Norwegian. No one looked entirely convinced, but the did let me on the plane in the end. We had a 6 hour layover in Zurich, so Connie and I left the airport to enjoy downtown Zurich for a bit and have raclette for lunch. Being clergy, of course we had to check out the local cathedral, the Grossmunster, where Zwingli kicked off the Swiss Reformation in 1520. We reflected that in other circumstances that walking in the footsteps of Zwingli might be somewhat interesting, but after two weeks of walking in the footsteps of Jesus it was sort of h0-hum.

Connie spent the night and I took her to the airport on Friday to fly home to her family in Maryland. She texted me a great picture of her 19 month old daughter hugging a stuffed camel we had picked out for her in the Old City of Jerusalem.

So now it’s back to normality as I have a week or so to reflect on my trip (and organize my 920 photos) before returning to you after Thanksgiving. I will probably make this my last post as I focus on catching up with my family this week, and travelling to be with my extended family in Connecticut for Thanksgiving. As you probably know, my first day back at Redeemer will be Monday December 1. I miss you all and can’t wait to catch up! However, I can’t catch up with all of you simultaneously, so please be patient as I probably will need to spend the first few days catching up with Andrew, Frank, Lisa, and Bernadette on all that’s been going on at Redeemer this fall.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing you soon!