Flight Options

The most economic flight option is for 2 way tickets is through JetBlue. A flight from Boston to Orlando, and Orlando to Salt Lake City. It is the same stops back and takes about a 8 and a half hour flight. Right now, these tickets cost $450.

A ticket for 2 separate one-way tickets departing form Boston on Jet Blue are $250. Here are two options:
1. This has a shorter time, but we won’t get there until 12:00 midnight and layovers at JFK. http://www.kayak.com/flights/BOS-SLC/2015-06-23/f90dccde3415a39daaaa8680452d84834/1adults/children-11
2. This has an hour longer flight then opt. 1 but we get there 2 hours earlier and stop
in Orlando. http://www.kayak.com/flights/BOS-SLC/2015-06-23/faf654340a399075a573ac6db0487f91a/1adults/children-11

For departures from Salt Lake City:
This flight leaves at midnight on the 27th and takes 8 hours with a layover in Orlando. We arrive in Boston on the 28th. These tickets cost $217


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