What Your Vestry is Working On

VESTRYThe Vestry met on November 19 in the Handley Library.

Frank Kern presented the Treasurer’s report which shows a significant deficit of $52,131 at this point in the year. There are some pledges that are expected to come in before the end of the year and Frank is predicting that we may be looking at a deficit of about $27,000 at the end of December. This would need to be covered by our reserve funds.

The Property Committee reported on a successful Fall Clean Up Day and repairs to the chipped tile on the steps to the altar in the sanctuary. Cleaning and replacement of light bulbs in the chandelier in the sanctuary is awaiting the delivery of the light bulbs.

Reports from the Finance Committee indicate that planning for the 2015 budget is underway, and the 2013 audit needs to be scheduled. Andrew Goldhor gave the Assistant Rector’s report which included planning for baptisms on All Saints, the Rite 13 service, and attendance at Diocesan Convention.

The Building Committee reported on a number of areas of activity regarding the Great Hall renovation project, including HVAC, food pantry storage, floor treatments, audiovisual consultation, and formation of a kitchen subcommittee. They hope to have an RFP for contractors ready before the end of December and to receive bids by mid-January for construction to begin in the summer of 2015.

An after-church adult forum is planned for December 7 to update the parish on the current status of the renovation efforts.

The Topic of the Month was the final resolution of the issues surrounding the payments by the church to the lay staff pension funds. Frank Kern and Bob Betacchi have calculated the amount that we are in arrears and the interest due on that amount to make restitution for our current lay staff. A motion was made and passed to authorize payment of the amounts required.

~Mary Etta King, clerk


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