J2A Pilgrimage: A guide to packing

First things you need are clothes. bring as many as you would bring for an ordinary trip, plus an extra set of clothes. A word of caution about cotton. Cotton does not keep you warm when wet, so a polyester shirt would be preferable. However, since this is summer camping and not winter camping, cotton should be alright. The next thing to be packed is your sleeping supplies. Obviously, a sleeping bag will be needed. You will also need a sleeping pad, basically a foam or inflated layer between you and the ground. A tent is also required, but hopefully your group will have enough. In addition, rain gear will be needed. A raincoat is sufficient, but rain pants are also recommended. Also, you will need waterproof boots. Probably the most important thing you will bring is the ten essentials. If you do not know what they are, click here: http://www.americanhiking.org/resources/10essentials/

It is imperative to bring these. They are the most important part of the packing list. You can get sued for hiking without these, at least in New Hampshire.

— Peter Ekrem

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