Update about Church access during construction

Building Committee Report

UPDATED May 3, 2015


We have been informed that strict insurance regulations prevent staff and parishioners from walking through any construction site.

Starting May 11th, we need to think of the COOR as two separate buildings with no connecting hallways: the church is one building and the Parish House the other.

We will be able to use our main side entrance to go up into the church to reach the sanctuary.  However, we will not be able to take the usual left down the hall where the office and elevator construction will be taking place, not even after hours or on weekends.

The spring/summer main entrance to the Parish House offices and bathrooms will be through the LPC playground double doors.

The church may be entered through the front door or the main side entrance.

In summary, there will only be three possible entrances:  1.) Main side entrance to the sanctuary, 2.) Front of church to the narthex, and 3.) the LPC entrance to the offices and bathrooms.

We will have use of two adult bathrooms for the summer (located near the office)

*Contractors will mainly use the side door by the exterior ramp.  We do not use this entrance at any time.

Meeting Rooms

1.) The Conference Room in the Parish House will be available days and evenings

2.) Atrium II will be converted to a conference room for the summer (aka: Conference Room II) and will be available days and evenings.

3.) The downstairs Meeting Room will be available during the evenings. Entrance and exit will be through LPC’s classroom hallway.

We very much appreciate LPC’s patience as we use their entrance and hallway throughout the summer and we reduce the number of women’s bathrooms to one, the Redeemer staff’s patience as they make multiple trips outside to reach each “building”, and the congregation’s patience as they adapt to taking the long way by going outside to reach each section of the COOR.

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