Energy Grant Awarded!


The Creation Care Team and Property Committee are very pleased to announce that they have successfully applied for and received a Mass Save grant that will pay 75% of the cost of insulating the church’s attic and for the installation of interior storm “panels” for the 10 large sanctuary windows.
Insulation of the Sanctuary Attic: RISE Engineering, a subcontractor of Mass Save, did an analysis of the attic insulation. Such insulation will save approximately 759 therms annually, a savings of 4.4 tons of carbon per year. They also calculated that we will save about $759 a year. Thus in 3.3 years our investment of $2,529 will be paid and we will begin to reap both the ecological and financial benefits from insulating the Sanctuary attic.
Installation of Interior Storm Windows in the Sanctuary: According to the engineers, with insulated interior panels on our large single pane windows, the church will save 833 therms annually, a savings of 4.88 tons of carbon per year. They also calculated an annual cost savings of about $833 with an return on our investment of $2,776 in 2.2 years. A sample of the interior window panel will be available for viewing at coffee hour this Sunday.
Both projects are scheduled to be completed this summer. The Creation Care Team encourages everyone to reach out to Mass Save for an energy audit for your home and/or your business to take advantage of the incentives available. Please start by going to

Note: commercial incentives are higher than residential and recently have become even more favorable.