Pledging FAQs

Who are we?

We are beloved of God.  We are a people who create a holy space where justice and beauty can meet on a daily basis.  We welcome all.  We call Redeemer home.

What happens at Church of Our Redeemer outside of Sunday worship?

Social action and outreach, pastoral care and counseling, interfaith dialogue and action, leadership development, financial and building management, spiritual formation and growth, and other times of prayer and worship.


Who are paid leaders at Redeemer?

  • The Rev. Kate Ekrem, Rector (full-time)
  • The Rev. Andrew Goldhor, Assistant Rector (¾ time)
  • Bernadette Coley, Music Director (part-time)
  • Peggy Kelly, Administrative Assistant (part-time)
  • Roy McHoul, Sexton (part-time)

What is stewardship?

Stewardship is living out our lives with the belief that all we are and have is God’s, entrusted with us to share. It is the prayerful work of managing our time, talent and treasure to bring about God’s kingdom on earth.

Where does the church’s money come from?

It comes from you.  Unlike other denominations, we receive no financial support from outside the parish (for example, from the diocese).  About 65% of our total operating budget is funded by donations from parishioners.  We also receive rental income from the onsite daycare and for the use of the church steeple for cell phone antennas.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is an indication of your intent to make a financial gift to Church of Our Redeemer for the coming calendar year.  It is an expression of thanksgiving, joy and commitment to the life of this parish and our work in the community and the world.  It is not a contract or even a promissory note.  If your financial circumstances change, changing your pledge is not a problem.

What is our total annual budget?

In 2019, our total annual operating budget is $549,000 with a projected deficit of $6,000 (~1%).  Clergy, staff and programs (including outreach) make up about 68% of our annual expenses.

Why pledge?  Why not just put something in the plate?

Weekly non-pledge (“plate”) offerings cover only 6% of Redeemer’s annual budgeted expenses for clergy, staff, programs and outreach.  Therefore, it is annual pledges that make our commitments for the coming year possible.  On a practical level, a pledge helps you plan your personal budget.  And from an administrative perspective, pledge commitments are essential for determining what we can do each year and planning the church budget accordingly.

Does everybody pledge? How much do they pledge?

For 2019, about 82 households pledged regular support to Redeemer, representing approximately two-thirds of Redeemer households. The amount of your pledge is a personal decision, and every pledge makes a valued contribution to our mission and ministry. Over the years, parishioners have been encouraged to give proportionally – i.e. a fixed percentage of their income with a starting target of 3%. For reference purposes, the median pledge for the 2019 calendar year was $2,500 or about $208 per month and the average pledge was $4,080 or $340 per month.

Can’t we just rely on people renewing last year’s pledge amount?

Our pledge income must increase to ensure we can maintain and grow our current level of programming and outreach, and to ensure our staff is paid justly with salaries that keep appropriate pace with their professional skills and with cost of living increases. The pledge campaign is conducted annually in the hope that individuals can increase their financial commitments each year, as they are able.

Why does giving to the church matter spiritually?

It gives us an opportunity to think deeply about what matters in our lives and act accordingly.  A pledge is a spiritual reminder that God’s grace permeates our lives and that spiritual health comes from sharing what we have with others.  Many parishioners describe pledging as a joyful and fulfilling experience.  Please join us on our journey and make a pledge.

How do I pledge?

(1) Complete a pledge card and bring it on Sun. Nov. 24 for the ingathering, or drop it off at the office anytime.

(2) Pledge online.