Regathering Update

Indoor Worship resumed October 9

We’re delighted that our choir is back with us indoors, for the first time in almost 3 years! You can read about our new worship guidelines, more relaxed to reflect a new stage of the pandemic, HERE. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rev. Ginger, Mtr. Emily, or a member of the Regathering Team with any questions or feedback.

Join us online

You are welcome to join us online on Facebook or here. If you would like to receive communion and are unable to be a part of a Sunday service for health reasons, please reach out to one of the clergy.

The Church of Our Redeemer welcomes you to our community and to our website. Every person at Redeemer probably has a different reason why they come to worship God in this community and why they think Redeemer is special – perhaps it’s the strong commitment to children and youth, our mission and advocacy to help those in need, or the friendships formed at our annual parish retreat. Please ask us, we would love to tell you!

The best way to get to know more about this church community is to worship with us. Please join us for Sunday services! We think you’ll find that this is a warm, welcoming, and lively community where people are supported in their journey towards Christ.

For more church updates, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We also send out a weekly e-newsletter on Thursdays for the entire Parish and Saturdays for Children & Youth. If you do not receive our newsletters and would like to, please email us.