All who come to the Church of Our Redeemer are invited to take part in our Christian formation programs offered for children, youth, and adults. There are many ways to grow in your relationship with God in the Redeemer community and beyond. Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is a process–one that is never complete, but which continues throughout our entire lives.

Some recent models of Sunday School subscribed to a paradigm of Christian Information, where teachers transferred knowledge to students. But models both ancient and modern draw teachers and students into the journey with Christ together, where we are able to learn from each other. This is what we hope to do at Our Redeemer, whether the group is primarily very young children or older adults, or anywhere in between.

Much of our formation as Christians happens as a whole community, as we celebrate the Christian year together in liturgy and in special parties for feast days. Click HERE for a calendar of the major church dates of the year 2022-23. We also take time for special kinds of learning; click HERE for the Fall 2022 dates for all ages.

Safety in all forms is very important for our work and life with children. In our Safe Church Policy for Children and Youth you can see our guidelines as well as the training required by those in leadership roles. Please reach out to Mtr. Emily García if you have any questions.