Adult Programs

Our ongoing formation as Christians continues throughout our entire lives. With that in mind, our adult formation offerings are intended to support the process of learning and becoming that God calls us to.

Adult Forum

Join us Sunday morning from September through May for provocative and educational discussions.  In the past year, Adult Forum programs included:
  • Parenting in the Pews
  • Speakers on Mission Partners and Stewardship Q & A sessions with the Vestry
  • Civil Rights and the Modern Yankee Martyr Jonathan Daniels – Advent Series
  • Money Theology
  • Creation Care
  • B-PEACE Organizer Julia MacMahon
  • Conversations about Redeemer’s Future with the Realizing Our Vision Team
Masking is required in the Adult Forum part of the Great Hall as we hope to make this as accessible as possible. Many of our Adult Fora are also hybrid, and you are invited to join us online. Links are available the week before in the Thursday email

Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (a seminar that informs your everyday ministry to others)
Education for Ministry is a worldwide adult formation program that offers deep Bible study and rich theological reflection in the context of a small group (six to twelve participants) that gathers for study and worship once a week.  It is a four-year program that can be taken consecutively or with gaps in-between years.  The concentration for each year is: Year 1:  Old Testament Year 2:  New Testament Year 3:  History of Christianity Year 4: Theology The program year is 36 weeks long.  Redeemer’s EfM group meets (presently via Zoom) on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to noon, September through May.   You can learn more at the EfM website or by speaking to either of our Rectors or to the EfM Mentor.  Scholarships for tuition are available.