Beard Challenge Raises Funds for J2A Trip

By Tom Ekrem

Our Journey to Adulthood youth group (J2A) is planning a pilgrimage to Zion National Park in Utah from June 27th to July 2nd. The J2A group consists of Tom Ekrem, Brandon Kiwanuka, Steven Dillman, Thanh Doan, Arjun Dulipsingh, Christopher Klein, and Brendan Cantwell. Brendan will not be joining us on the pilgrimage but he has been very much involved and supportive. During this pilgrimage we hope to grow spiritually and experience God in a foreign environment.

In an effort to raise funds we organized and hosted a very successful pancake dinner on Shrove Tuesday. You may have noticed that Reverend Andrew no longer has his beard; this is because he challenged the group to raise $1000 between Annual Meeting and Shrove Tuesday and if we did he would shave his beard. Together with our fundraising activities from earlier this year and last year, we have raised about $3500.

Remember to save the date for the final major step in our fundraising process, the April 28th Dinner, Dance and Auction. The dinner will feature international cuisine.