Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry
(a seminar that informs your everyday ministry to others)

Education for Ministry is a worldwide adult formation program that offers deep Bible study and rich theological reflection in the context of a small group (six to twelve participants) that gathers for study and worship once a week.  It is a four-year program that can be taken consecutively or with gaps in-between years.  The concentration for each year is: 

Year 1:  Old Testament
Year 2:  New Testament
Year 3:  History of Christianity
Year 4: Theology

The program year is 36 weeks long.  Redeemer’s EfM group meets (presently via Zoom) on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to noon, September through May.   You can learn more at the EfM website or by speaking to either of our Rectors or to the EfM Mentor.  Scholarships for tuition are available.