Handley Library Bookshelf for September: Worship!

Each month, Redeemer’s clergy and staff select books on a certain topic that are displayed on the Handley Library Bookshelf in the Great Hall. You can borrow these books at any time — please just return them when you are finished. This month’s bookshelf theme is Worship! Worship a key topic this fall at Redeemer as we discuss possible renovations to our worship space. Here is a preview of some of the books you can borrow: 

Several books are by Rev. Louis Weil, a pre-eminent liturgist of the Episcopal Church and one of the framers of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. “A Theology of Worship” is an introductory book, in which he urges the laity to claim their true baptismal role and serve alongside the ordained as ministers and celebrants of the liturgy. In “Liturgical Sense“, he asks how worship and liturgy does what it does — or fails to do it when it’s done badly. 

Two books are by Richard Giles, whose “Re-Pitching the Tent“, about church architecture and design, has influenced many church communities seeking to renovate. His “Creating Uncommon Worship” is about the worship service itself. 

Rev. Caroline Fairless is an Episcopal priest who has a particular ministry to and with children. In “Children at Worship: Congregations in Bloom” she makes the argument that churches that create worship that works well for children find it also works even better for adults. And “Parenting in the Pews” by Robbie Castleman gives practical advice — and stories from the trenches that you will relate to! — on helping children engage in worship.

Feel free to borrow any of these books to help you enter more deeply into your own worship life as well as gain a more informed perspective on our important conversations on worship at Redeemer this fall.

Please return them to the bookshelf when you are done.