Information from the Nominating Committee

Dear Redeemer Community,

Greetings from the Nominating Committee.  Although the Annual Meeting is several months away, the search for Vestry and Deanery candidates will begin soon. Recruiting for Vestry and the Deanery takes time. Everyone has been affected by COVID-19, and it has disrupted our lives.  Now is the time to give serious consideration of giving time and talent.

For many of us, we have no idea what our lives will look like next year.  Some of us may be experiencing immediate difficulties and even thinking about serving the church just adds to our stress. The Church of Our Redeemer has shown an amazing amount of generosity, leadership, love of God, love of neighbor, talent, tolerance, and respect.  The Nominating Committee asks that you take initiative and let a committee member know of your interest.

The positions of the following are elected each year for a one year term:

  • Senior Warden
  • Junior Warden
  • Treasurer
  • Clerk

If you are currently serving in any of these positions and are eligible and would like to continue, please let a member of the committee know.

Additional positions:

  • Adult Vestry (two vacancies for 3-year terms)
  • Youth Vestry (one to two vacancies for a 1-year term; Age greater than 16 but not an adult)
  • Deanery Representative (three to five vacancies for a 1-year term)

Thank you for helping the Church of Our Redeemer be a vibrant, caring community.  Thank you for making the Church of Our Redeemer a wonderful spiritual home.

Respectfully yours,

Lee Noel Chase
Heather Fox
Ian Fox
Christopher Huggins
Tony Johnson
Jacqueline Potdevin
Karen Schragle