Navajoland Service Week Trip – Learn More Here!

Navajoland is the mission for our April, 2018, service week. From April 14 – 21, our ten-member group, including two youths, will be at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Mission Church in Bluff, Utah, helping with improving the buildings and grounds. Bluff is a beautiful and remote place near the Bears Ears National Monument that has been in the news lately.

If you would like to learn more, these two brief Youtube videos tell entertaining stories.  “How ‘Finding Nemo may help keep Navajo language alive” (2:42) is at

“The Navajo Water Lady” (8:24) is at

When we are on the trip, we will try to post daily in this blog, writing about our adventures and including some photos.  After the trip, we will do a talk and slide show presentation at Redeemer.