New Covid Guidelines

Our Regathering Committee has recommended and the Vestry has approved new COVID guidelines; Masking is now optional in worship at all times, including while singing, except for those in the masked/distanced section of the church (right/Memorial Garden side).

Outside the context of worship, masking will continue to be optional while moving through the building. Masking decisions for other formation activities will still be made by participants and leaders.

Throughout this process, the Regathering Committee has worked hard to ground our decisions in science and faithful discernment. The committee recommended these changes because the state of Massachusetts has decided to end the COVID public health emergency based on its assessment of the current state of transmission, rates of hospitalization for COVID continue to be very low relative to other times in the pandemic, and our measurements show excellent ventilation in the church.

We hope our guidelines reflect this new stage of the pandemic and make our worship and formation as accessible as possible to those who are at high risk. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the clergy or the Regathering Committee with ideas, questions, and concerns.