October Handley Library Reading Selection

For this month, Music Director, Bernadette Colley has chosen an array of selections on music in worship, music and spirituality, and worship as ritual.  The five selections include two books, an article, a sermon, and a course module.  They span a number of perspectives and topics: 

  • the Diocese of Salisbury from the Church of England on the role of music in worship; 
  • one American man’s personal memoir of how his research and personal connection to great Christian hymns informed his search for religious meaning in his life;  
  • Worship Design Studio‘s director Dr. Marcia McFee’s techniques for sensory-rich multi-arts worship;
  • a California pastor’s sermon on what the bible teaches us about music and worship, 
  • and an article from the Worship Design Collective examining how worship differs from ritual. 

Perhaps you will find one or more of these pieces interesting and informative.

Article and course module links:

Books on Display in the Handley Library Bookshelf:

  • Think Like A Filmmaker: Sensory-Rich Worship Design for Unforgettable Messages, Dr. Marcia McFee (Book)
  • Simple Gifts: Great Hymns-One Man’s Search for Grace, Bill Henderson, (2006) (Book) Free Press Simon & Schuster. Memoir and research conducted by one man who, in middle age, was diagnosed with serious illness, found community and religion in the church through song.

Happy reading!