Patriots Day Pancakes for refugee assistance a great success

By Ashley Rooney

Our hard-working pancake crew made over $2,000 on the breakfast with another $200 contributed.

Marianne Boswell, the President of Lexington Refugee Assistance Program or LexRAP, says, “It is not just that you all raised over two thousand dollars for LexRAP, it is that you helped raise awareness in town with your signs and your flyers and your publicity. With over 65 million people displaced from their homeland and over 21million of them seeking refugee status and aid with the UN, the situation is as bad as it has ever been documented before. When a church community like the Church of Our Redeemer gives a shout out to efforts to help refugees, people listen.

“With this money we can support an asylum seeker for over 6 months. Right now, we have two asylum seekers being hosted by LexRAP families and both have passed the first legal hurdles to gain refugee status. LexRAP is doing many things: presentations to raise awareness, coat drives, tutoring children and providing ESL for adults, refurbishing laptops and giving them to students in refugee families, mentoring, helping to recruit foster families for unaccompanied minor refugees, and more. LexRAP works with agencies to support the agencies work. We are a 100% volunteer organization.

“Most important to me is the message that your support sends to the Lexington community: that helping refugees is important. I can not thank you enough.”

pancake breakfast line
The line outside


entrance station
At the entrance




View from the kitchen
View from the kitchen


Serving window
At the window