Redeemer Members Serve as Science Fair Judges

By Maria Ong

For the fifth consecutive year, members of the Church of Our Redeemer were involved in the Esperanza Academy’s Science Fair, held on March 21. Esperanza Academy is an independent, tuition-free, all-girls middle school in the Episcopal tradition in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Supporting the school and its girls — through donations and community service — is one of Redeemer’s mission priorities.

This year, Erica Brotschi, Christopher Huggins, and Robert King were among the esteemed judges at the science fair. They reviewed presentations by many groups of students, such as those who investigated moldy bread, determined the best ways to clean rusty nails or dirty coins, studied the effects of water versus energy drinks on physical performance, and built a ‘quesolar’ oven to melt queso (cheese) using solar energy.

In interacting with the middle schoolers, Erica drew from her deep expertise as a former teacher of medicine and practitioner of general surgery. Christopher, a first-time judge, brought over twenty-five years’ experience in planning and construction. Bob, a research scientist in earth, planetary, and atmospheric sciences, engaged students with discussions about the scientific method. The leaders of Esperanza expressed their gratitude for Redeemer’s continued contributions to their science fair.

The Head of Esperanza Academy, Lynne Myavec, and some students will speak at the Church of Our Redeemer at the 9:30 am service, and during Adult Forum, on Sunday, May 7, 2017.


Photos by M. Ong