Maundy Thursday with sermon from Rev. Kate Ekrem – April 9, 2020

Here is the worship bulletin to download if you want to follow along:

Maundy Thursday Worship Bulletin

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Posted by Church of Our Redeemer on Thursday, April 9, 2020


Choral Anthem, Shall I deny My Savior? By Hassler/arr.Rodgers

Shall I deny my Savior,
who gave his life for me?
Of his own will he suffered
and died upon the tree,
With grief and pain and anguish,
he paid my ransom fee.
With his dear blood he cleansed me from sin and set me free.  

Shall I forget my Savior, I,
who am least of all?
His holy love redeems me,

and lifts me when I fall;
and like a shepherd tending his flock so carefully,
With gentle love and mercy, he watches over me.

No, Lord, I’ll not forget you,
my Savior and my King,
While I have breath and reason,
your thanks and praise I’ll sing.
And though my gifts are feeble,
I’ll give what gifts I have: 
I offer you, forever, my
life and all my love.