Worship from November 8, 2020 – Sermon by Rev. Frank Fornaro & Music

Worship Bulletin and Bible Coloring Pages:

G. F. Handel

Opening Hymn
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
Blue Hymnal 690

Hymn of Praise
You are the Salt for the Earth                                                       

Atrium Singers – Recorded February 2013

You Are Salt For The Earth, Oh People,
Salt For The Reign Of God!
Share The Flavor Of Life, Oh People:
Life In The City Of God!


Bring Forth The Reign Of Mercy,
Bring Forth The Reign Of Peace.
Bring Forth The Reign Of Justice,
Bring Forth The City Of God!

Congregation & Atrium: repeat refrain

Gospel Hymn  
Jerusalem, My Happy Home (v. 1-5)
Blue Hymnal 620

Musical Offering
Be Still (Based on Psalm 46)                           
H. Frombach and M. McDonald
Murray and Karen Daniels – Recorded August 2020

Closing Hymn
All Praise to Thee, (v.1-3)

 Blue Hymnal 477

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