From the Rector – December 25, 2019

Dear friends,

In this season of Christmas, instead of a word from your rector here are words from two others, one a 4th century Bishop and the other a group of children in New Zealand. 

Here’s what St. Augustine of Hippo had to say about the love that comes to us at Christmas and how we can share it with the world:

“Consider what is said to you: Love God. If you say to me, Show me whom I am to love, what shall I say if not what Saint John says: ‘No one has ever seen God!’ But in case you should think that you are completely cut off from the sight of God, he says: ‘God is love, and he who remains in love remains in God.’ Love your neighbor, then, and see within yourself the power by which you love your neighbor, there you will see God, as far as you are able.  

Begin, then to love your neighbor. ‘Break your bread to feed the hungry, and bring into your home the homeless poor; if you see someone naked, clothe him, and do not look down on your own flesh and blood.’ 

What will you gain by doing this? ‘Your light will then burst forth like the dawn.’ Your light is your God: he is your dawn, for he will come to you when the night of time is over. He does not rise or set but remains for ever. 

In loving and caring for your neighbor, you are on a journey. Where are you traveling if not to the Lord God, to him whom we should love with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind? We have not yet reached his presence, but we have our neighbor at our side. Support, then this, companion of your pilgrimage if you want to come into the presence of the one with whom you desire to remain forever.” 

And, here are the children of St. Paul’s Church in Aukland, New Zealand presenting their own version of the Christmas story (I dare you not to cry…):

Christmas peace and blessings,

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